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Why Platinvm Retail/Restaurant Division?

Platinvm Retail/Restaurant Division redefines commercial brokering by
assisting in location analysis, business structure and construction
development. Our collaboration with various teams of experts has provided
our construction managers with resourceful skills that can be tailored to
different types of projects. We offer this additional service to provide effective
supervision and communication as well as superior customer service during
the development phase.
We have created a Strategic Roadmap providing detailed phases to both
educate and guide our customers. Our experience with successful foreign
investors and existing foreign restaurants, which have decided to expand to
NYC, has validated our roadmap in both commercial and residential areas of
real estate.

Platinvm Retail/Restaurant Roadmap

PRRD Strategic Roadmap focuses on customer service, communication and

• Review of client’s requirements and budget
• Seek out potential locations
• Advise on market trends

• Narrow down the locations through analysis
• Hire architects, attorneys, examiners etc.
• Submit offers

• Negotiate terms of the contract / lease
• Execute contract / lease

• Oversee project development and construction
• Arrange visas and staff work permits

• Grand Opening Celebration

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